Checklist for test 1 (Internet Explorer)

Using just the keyboard controls check the following on every page:

  1. Is the style consistent
  2. Is the navigation system consistent
  3. As you tab through the page can you see where the focus is
  4. Can you tab into the main content area reasonably easily
  5. Does the page heading <h1> reflect the page content
  6. Will the first few lines on the page tell a first time visitor what the page is about
  7. Are there any flashing images or distracting flickering issues with the page
  8. If the page contains a form
  9. can you tab through the form entering data in a logical path ?
  10. can you submit the form if important fields are left empty ?
  11. do you get helpful feedback and can you make corrections easily ?
  12. If a page contains any pop-up windows,
  13. are you warned
  14. can you close the pop-up window easily
  15. Are there any automatic background sounds
  16. Can users control the sounds

Checklist for test 2 (Firefox with add-ons)

Using Firefox with the accessibility toolbar (and your mouse) check the following

  1. Is the HTML code valid
  2. Is the CSS code valid
  3. Does the page title match the page heading
  4. Are sub-heading sequential and meaningful
  5. Do navigation bars have headings
  6. Are text links in navigation bars meaningful
  7. Do all the links on the page have meaningful link text
  8. If the page is a form do the controls have labels
  9. If the page contains a data table
    1. Does the table have a title
    2. Does the table have a summary
    3. Are row and column headings coded with <th>
  10. Can you navigate through the headers
  11. If the page uses frames, are they titled
  12. Is the page useable in High contrast
  13. Is the page useable without CSS
  14. Is the colour contrast adequate for all elements on the page
  15. Do the pages still work when the stylesheet is disabled
  16. Do the pages still work when scripting is disabled